Salient Features of the Best Child Monitoring App

Phone Agent 007 lets you monitor the information on your target device

features and benefits
  • View all the incoming calls and outgoing calls including the durations and time stamps.
  • View all the sent/received messages and the multimedia files exchanged by the user.
  • Monitor the WhatsApp chats, calls, images, etc.
  • Track and monitor all the social media information through the best monitoring app.
  • View and track the live location of your kid’s phone and check their route history.
  • View all the multimedia files including the images, videos, gifs, etc.
  • Check all the installed applications, you can even block the undesired applications.
  • Capture the keystrokes entered using the keylogger feature.
  • Monitor the online activities of your kid and block the undesired websites.
  • Check the browsing history, date, and time.
  • View all the monitored data from your control panel.

Manage Calls

View all the incoming and outgoing calls including the time durations, and timestamps.

Monitor Calls/Recordings

Monitor all the incoming and outgoing calls, and manage the call recordings. A perfect call monitoring app for tracking the incoming, outgoing, missed, and even deleted phone calls with all details.

Monitor Call logs

An essential call tracking app for parents who want to know whom their kid is in communication with, get a list of all the calls on your child’s phone.

Manage Messages

Message monitoring will give you access to read the text messages sent or received by your child. You can even find out what your kid is secretly buying or receiving the confirmation codes for?

Monitor Sent/Received Messages

Capture the sent/received messages and multimedia files exchanged by the user.

Monitor Text Logs

Review the list of texts and multimedia files sent/received by your child.

Manage Social Media Apps

Track and monitor all the social media information through social media tracking app, including the time details, date, duration of every call, and text.

WhatsApp Monitoring
Track All WhatsApp Data

Monitor the complete WhatsApp information, including date, time, duration of every call, and text, and more with the best WhatsApp tracking app – Phone Agent 007.

Read Text Messages

Review all WhatsApp sent/received text messages.

Browse the Multimedia

Track and monitor all the multimedia files, including photos, videos, gifs shared on WhatsApp and stored in the phone media.

Monitor WhatsApp Activity

The Control panel lets you access all the data at any time.

Snapchat Monitoring
View Multimedia Files

Trace all multimedia data (photos, videos, and pictures) shared via the snapchat app. the Control panel shows the deleted data as well.

Monitor Text Messages

Even after the deletion of all the snap within 10 seconds, it will be available with you on Phone Agent 007. You can view the multimedia files, text messages from your dashboard of the app.

Track the Details

Trace the date, time, and sent/received files, videos, and the conversation in the app.

Facebook Messenger Monitoring
Browse Through the Facebook Messenger

Track all the sent/received text or chats immediately and take appropriate actions.

View Group Chats

You can stop the unwanted exposure of your kid in various groups.

Look Through the Timestamps

View the date/time of all the sent/received text/chats on Facebook.

Look Through people behind the contacts

Have complete knowledge of the communication of the kids with people on Facebook.

Skype Monitoring
Monitor Text Messages

Review all your kids sent/received skype messages. The deleted messages can be also checked from your control panel.

Track the Skype calls

Supervise all your kids sent/received Skype calls, including the basic details like time, and date. You can even restrict or block the undesired contact using your control panel.

Instagram Tracker
View Sent/Received Messages

Read all the sent/received text messages on Instagram direct.

Go Through Shared Links and Texts

View all the links which are shared in Instagram direct messages.

Viber Tracker
Tracking Viber texts

Monitor all the sent and received messages on Viber. You can even view the messages which have been deleted on your control panel.

View the Details of Viber Calls

Track the date, time, and duration of the calls which are sent or received on Viber. You can even block unwanted phone numbers.

View Group Messaging Session Logs

Get access to group conversations and protect your child from any unwanted conversations.

Access Tracked Data

You can track the target device data remotely at any time. You can log in to the control panel and access everything.

Google Hangouts Tracking
Check Google Hangouts Text Messages

You can track all the messages on your child’s phone. The deleted messages can also be accessed using the control panel.

Browse the Sent/Received Messages

You can browse through the sent/received Hangout messages of your child with Phone Agent 007 and protect your child from online strangers, bullies, and predators.

Check the Timestamps

View the contact list and check the content, messages, and time stamps.

Tinder Monitoring
Monitor Your Child’s Account Activity

View all the activities on your child’s Tinder account. Make sure they are not becoming a victim of the cybercrimes.

View the Matches

You can view the search parameters they have marked on Tinder and their interactions with them.

Browse the Chats

Browse all your kid’s Tinder texts to prevent any unwanted situation.

Line Tracker
View the Sent/Received Messages

Go through the Control Panel for reading any sent/received messages.

View the Contact Details

Ensure whom your child is in contact with, and stop the communication with any inappropriate people.

Track the Hidden Chats

Review the hidden communications and know what your kid is going through.

Kik Monitoring
Look Through all the Messages

Monitor sent/received texts using the Kik messenger remotely.

Monitor Timestamps

Keep track of minute details like the time, date of every Kik message.

Telegram Monitoring
Monitor Text Messages

Track all the sent/received messages and their timestamps.

View Secret Chats

Keep track of the secret chats of your kid’s telegram to prevent any unwanted problems.

Supervise Contacts

Keep track of whom your child talks with on telegram and prevent any suspicious activity.

Hike Monitoring
Monitor the Multimedia

Track all the images, videos, gifs sent/received by your kid on Hike messenger.

Track Messages

You can keep an eye on the sent/received messages and even see the deleted messages on your control panel.

Track Location
Live Location

Track your kid’s current location on the map. Check their route history as well as the time interval.


This child monitoring app lets you set the unlimited number of safe and forbidden zones. You can even monitor when and how often those zones are visited by your kid. You can even see the history of the device movements on a convenient map.

Controlled Apps and Programs
Installed Apps

Monitor the list of all the apps available on your kid’s phone and view the detail of each app. Restrict the usage of unwanted applications with the Block button.

Application Blocking

Block those apps which encourage destructive behavior. You can prevent your child from any unwanted activity.

Screen Recorder

Monitoring the most popular social media apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Screen recorder helps in recording the activities performed by the child on their phones.


Monitor your kid’s smartphone activities and capture all the keystrokes entered on the device.

View Multimedia Files
Image Monitoring

You can check all the pictures that have been downloaded on your kid’s phone with the time and date stamp for every image.

Video Monitoring

You can check all the videos that have been downloaded on your kid’s phone with the time and date stamp for every video.

Monitor Internet Activity
Browsing History

You can monitor the online activity and filter the web content for your child. you can view the browsing history and check the time and date stamps.

Website Bookmark Monitoring

You can review all the websites that are bookmarked and monitor the time stamp for understanding the favorite sites.

Blocking the Undesired Websites

You can filter online content by establishing a safe online space for the kids. You can block the undesired websites and establish the screen time rules.

Wi-Fi Networks

You can identify the most visited places and track the most visited Wi-Fi networks and prevent any suspicious hotspot connection.

Keyword Alert Tracking

You can get immediate updates on the dangerous words or phrases and get access to the full device information on Phone Agent 007.

Read E-mails
Incoming/Outgoing E-mails

View the date/time of all the incoming/outgoing e-mails. You can even track the recipient’s information.

Access the Calendar and Control Panel
Calendar Activities

You can review all your kid’s activities and browse the scheduled meetings and their detailed information.


You can track all the names and numbers stored by your kid. You can even browse other contact details like business/home addresses, or emails, etc.

Remote Control
Additional Device Information

You can view the other information regarding the device like the battery charging status, or the internet connection, or the present mobile operator.

Control Panel

You can view all the monitored data from your target device. You can even track the 10 most called contacts, provide or restrict the user’s access.

Analyze It
Comprehensive Reports

Phone Agent 007 allows in generation of a comprehensive report for any type of device. You can track the user activity, set the monitoring time and export the files as well.

3 easy steps to start tracking


Choose your subscription plan. Make the payment and receive the email with the login ID and password.

Install and set up

Download the app, run the installation procedure. It will take less than a minute to install it. You will receive a license code in your mail, enter the code and you can see the control panel.


The phone Agent 007 app is now active, you can monitor the target phone. There is a list of features on the left-hand side. You can choose the desired feature and start monitoring.

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