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Phone Agent 007

Best Employee Tracking App for Corporate

Phone Agent 007- the best employee tracking app, helps in real-time location tracking, timekeeping and attendance, productivity tracking, and much more. Phone Agent 007 allows in balancing the productivity as well as security skillfully in your business by embedding the best real-time employee tracking system, call logs and recording system, and various customized features. With our best employee monitoring app, you can increase the productivity of your business by tracking the sales, services, and management of the resources. You can even get the detailed status of your employee’s daily work, download their reports as per the requirements. You can seek the efficiency of your employee by automating and mobilizing the routine activities of their employees remotely.

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How Phone Agent 007 app Boosts Productivity

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Screen time Monitoring

Screen time monitoring lets you see what your employees are up to at any time.

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Chat Screenshots

Chat Screenshots lets you know the communication between your employee and your client.

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Improves Productivity

Productivity is the focal point of success. With our productivity analysis system, the performance of each employee can be checked.

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WhatsApp Tracking

There can be a detailed analysis of WhatsApp calls, chats, and total time spent on the app.

Get your employee tracking software and know the efficiency of your employees with Phone Agent 007

Main Features

Salient features of employee tracking app

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Call Logs and Recordings

Admin can manage the employee’s calls and logs. They can even get the recordings of the calls made by their employees.

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Real-Time Location Tracking

Admin can manage the employee’s calls and logs. They can even get the recordings of the calls made by their employees.

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Time and attendance keeping

Admin can manage the login and logout timings of their employees and can even manage the leaves which will assist you in the payroll.

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Productivity Tracking

The productivity of the individual employees can be measured in-depth to get insightful data by checking the idle time, productivity comparison, and real-time alerts.

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Social Media Tracking

Admin can track the employee’s social media activities, the total time spent, and verify daily tasks on the social media

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Internet Browsing History

Admin can remotely access the internet browsing history of their employees, and can even block the websites you don’t want them to access.

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