“Parenting is the biggest sacrifice one can make, it’s putting your life on hold to fulfill the promise of your children’s tomorrow”.

Being a parent is not an easy task, especially when you have an adolescent to deal with. You are not alone if you see certain articles in the news like screen time and parental control. Monitoring your child from the start is an efficient way to give them a safe environment in their future. Parental App is the best solution for such insecurities. It allows parents to keep track and manage their kid’s online activities. 

We are well aware that children and teens spend more time online, hence the parental monitoring app will help in keeping track of your kid’s digital lives. There might be a question in your mind 

Is there a need to invest in such an app?

The answer to this is “Yes”. Even if having such an app was a thought in your mind then you definitely require such an app. 

Why is Parental App a Necessity?

 There is a variety of parental control apps and software available in the market which helps in managing and filtering the content your child goes through. It acts as your right hand or an eye that is constantly taking care of your child, and keeping them secure. 

Such applications not only help in protecting your child from any dangerous activity but also find a balance when it comes to the screen time that the child is getting as you can set a limit for everything you desire. Over-involvement of kids in their mobile phones can create a negative impact on the development of the child. Monitoring your kid at the right time is the whole essence of this parental control app. Not only this, but teenagers have also faced a lot of cyber-crime. Especially teenagers don’t know about what is right and wrong for them. In today’s time, the kids are maturing early due to over-exposure to everything. An app for parental control is the need of the hour because it isn’t about privacy but safety. Over-spending the time on the phone may lead to poor academic performance, mental health issues, and more. 

Here are few reasons why you should consider using a parental control app:

1. You want to keep your child’s internet experiences safe 

Internet is a great place to learn and entertain yourself, but isn’t there a lot of inappropriate content. You might guide them the whole day about the risks of using phones but you end up giving them a lecture which they won’t even care about. 

Hence, an app will guide you regarding your child. This app will act as your second pair of eyes. 

2. You are unable to monitor your child constantly 

It is a very big possibility that you are not available with your kid. There will definitely be times when your child has an access to the internet in your absence. You cannot be everywhere at once, this app is helpful when you aren’t around and you can monitor your child’s internet activity, browsing history as well as call recordings. 

3. You need greater control over your kid’s device 

Keeping up with your child’s activity all the time is nearly impossible. When you hand your child a phone, you look after their safety and security but this also means they are free to do anything on their phone. Even at home, a parent cannot look after their kid’s phone activity all the time. Hence a parental control app is necessary.  

4. Cyber Safety 

Cyber-crimes are very popular these days, the victim of which is majorly kids. We have even heard about the risky challenges which have resulted in death. This is not something any parent would want their child to be exposed to. 

This app will help in controlling the inappropriate content your child is seeing. 

5. Location Tracking 

Monitoring the whereabouts of your child is one of the biggest reasons to install a parental control app. Such apps usually have a GPS installed in them, which would help in locating your child. Some parents are also eager to check the YouTube usage, emails, and social networks of their child and take action against them. 


A child goes through a lot in their teenage, and they shy from their parents to discuss a lot of things resulting in some sort of evil activity. As a parent, it is your duty to know the whereabouts of your child.

Seeing the problems of parents we have come up with Phone Agent 007, a child monitoring app that helps in tracking WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, call records, and much more of your child. Your Child’s Safety is our priority. 

This parental monitoring app will be installed on the phone and hidden so that even the child cannot see it. You can track every phone activity of your child and protect him/her from the evils of the world. You can make them understand the difference between good and bad and make this world a better place to live.


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