Wondering why are Dating apps so popular among youngsters?

Do you find your child stuck with the phone using dating apps?

Dating apps are popular applications that are used by teens and adults to find a mate. Generally, there is no age limit to use such apps. So, the kids were accessing them freely. Dating apps use location-Tracker, which is like a GPS location tracker to find people in your area who are in search of a partner.

The working of this app is quite simple, if you like someone’s profile on the app, just swipe right and if not, you can swipe left. If there are two who swipe right on each other’s profiles, the app matches them. After this, they are redirected to instant messaging using which they can easily communicate with each other. They can share their thoughts, photos, videos, and even arrange a date. These applications grab the attention of the users by a simple registration process. They start using the application while adding simple information to the profile. However, every cool app has its flip side as well. Let’s know whether these dating apps are dangerous or not?

How are Dating Apps Dangerous for Our Kids and Teenagers?

Finding a true match for your profile seems a pretty interesting and innocent act. Once the match is made, people start getting involved, they start sharing their personal information, interests, meet each other in person, and start dating. However, is this process like a bed of roses? Is it as harmless as it seems? Is it good for the teens in reality? Well no, It is not harmless instead dangerous for our kids.

According to the Internet and American Life Project by PRC, more than 50% of online daters are misrepresented in their profiles. They use fake information, fake photos, and even lie about their age. More than 27% of daters feel uncomfortable, unsafe, and harassed when they are using the dating app. In a survey in U.S. College, the students told about their experience and said that the app is for hook-ups rather than building a serious relationship.

These apps restrict access to underage users, so how can a 17-year-old use a dating app? It is very simple since there is no age verification system for the users. So they can freely create profiles and lie about their age. This is what makes dating apps the perfect place for online predators to hunt their prey. The downside of this app is that your kid’s friend can be somebody with a sexual mental disorder. These people are well aware and can differentiate between a child and an adult. They grab attention and then force to meet up. What is sadder is that there are cases when the predators made the victims share their personal and intimate content. They can even threaten young people with that information.

Teenagers tend to use social media, and dating apps to improve their social value, increase their rank, and define the popularity in their social circle. Dating apps can give an experience that can be pretty painful for a young mind and can result in unhealthy behavior.

How to Protect your Child from the Dangers of Dating Apps?

Before giving them your helping hand, and protecting them from predators on dating apps, you need to find out if they are using a virtual dating app or not. But many teens who use these apps, do it so carefully that they might not be able to find out the truth. So, how can you find out if they are using a virtual dating app or not?

If you don’t want your child to get into this inappropriate circle and you cannot even confront them with such uncomfortable conversation, a parental control app might be what you need. Phone Agent 007 will act like a virtual guardian that can help you watch your kids without invading their privacy. You can browse through the applications. You can keep an eye on their online matches, contacts, and chats and even track your kid’s location if you want to know about their whereabouts and safety.

It doesn’t matter how old you are for using these apps, your safety is the priority. However, teenagers are vulnerable and you can only guide them to make wise choices. In this era of unsafe digital predators, make your teenagers safe. It is never too late to make a wise choice and take your child’s safety under control. You must try to make this world a better place for your child by try this parental control app – Phone Agent 007 and get secured. It is truly said, “Children require guidance and sympathy far more than instructions”.

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