Messaging apps have taken over a huge space in everyone’s lives. It has become more central to our lives. It is needless to say that it is of high concern. WhatsApp is one of the many apps that is competing for our family’s time and attention. But the major question arises is, whether it is safe for kids or not?


  • It is owned by Facebook but is separate from both Facebook messenger as well as Instagram’s messaging portal. Facebook plans to incorporate these services in a certain way in the future. 
  • This app lets us share text, voice, images, and files, etc. 
  • The basic requirements are- you must provide a Phone number and be over the age of 16 to use WhatsApp according to the terms of service. 
  • This app is used by more than 2 billion users worldwide. 

Is This App Secure?

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WhatsApp comes in the group of the few messaging apps that offers end-to-end encryption for all types of communications. This makes it unlikely for any communication on WhatsApp that will be read, listened to by somebody unwanted. This is the main reason, it is quite popular when we shift from social media to a private conversation. 

The app allows us to be visible to everyone however, the profile can be used privately by changing the settings to privacy settings. You cannot use it for scheduling purposes, or any other context controls. It will be done by using parental control software

This app provides a tool that helps in deleting a message or image after a certain amount of time. It is one of the biggest problems when dealing with Cyberbullying and other cyber threats. 

Why Do Kids Love WhatsApp?

1. It is Easy, Fun, and Free 

WhatsApp lets the kids send messages, videos, photos, and audio messages and make videos without any particular message limit. It also allows making real-time video calls. WhatsApp can work easily by connecting it to any Wi-Fi source or mobile data.    

2. It has Cool Features 

WhatsApp has a broadcast feature list that even allows to send out messages to a group of people that can respond to the sender as well. You can even send disappearing photos, videos, and gifs. 

3. Security 

WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption built-in, which means any type of photos, texts, or videos, exchanged between users are assumed to be safe. 

Let’s watch the below video on WhatsApp tricks:

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What are the risks?

a. Inappropriate or Secretive Content 

The major problem that occurs is the way the kids and others use this application. WhatsApp allows any person to create an account. Hence the kids can be exposed to any inappropriate content. 

b. Cyberbullying 

Group texting and group calls are big reasons for using WhatsApp. They can have large groups as well as small groups. So, if any information is discussed among the group, it can create an unhealthy environment. 

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c. Scams and Malware 

WhatsApp is not immune to the typical scams that are targeting social groups.

Hence, it can create issues such as catfishing, spyware, etc. 

d. Privacy 

While kids feel that WhatsApp is a safe environment, it hardly protects them from taking and sharing screenshots. Anybody can take screenshots, photos can also be downloaded. 

Should Kids use WhatsApp?

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There are a lot of concerns that WhatsApp faces similar to the other messaging apps 

  1. Kids should be considerate regarding any information they share. They should be told that a single innocent photograph can be concluded differently by everyone. 
  2. You should try that the kid is open for various discussions. You must make the kid comfortable enough to discuss any uncomfortable or scary moment with you. 
  3. Educate them properly about any fraudulent news, scams, and other problems faced by the messaging apps.
  4. Set various rules that are enforced by the parental control apps to limit the distraction from school, homework, and a lot of other things. 


A parental control app like Phone Agent 007 allows the parents to better navigate various issues, and create opportunities for them to be engrossed with other things. We don’t want our children to face such problems at any point in time. 

This leaves us with the biggest question, Should your child be on WhatsApp? 

As long as the child is connected to trusted groups and trusted people, this social app can be safe. If your child is active on these apps with your consent, one way is to guide them completely. And the other way is to keep an eye on them using a WhatsApp parental control app.