With the advancements in technology, people have been addicted to computers and mobile phones. Mobile phones have become part and parcel of our lives. The internet plays a vital role and acts as a building block for communication across the globe. Social Media is an integral part of the Internet. Sadly, our teenagers and adolescents have brought up the severe effects of social media on their well-being, creating a bad impact of social media on teenagers. 

Impact of Social Media on Youth 

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of social media in our life and in society. It affects teens adversely, thus it is important to know the reasons behind social media affecting teens. Adolescents are very vulnerable at the time of their growth and developmental age. Thus the impacts of social media on teenagers should be considered as an important issue. As much as we appreciate social media for being a great social networking tool, the potential harm it poses on society cannot be overlooked. If not handled correctly and on time, they can pose serious threats to teenagers. Here are some of the major social media issues that youth have been facing. 

1. Facebook Description 

An emotional disturbance caused due to social media usage is Facebook Depression. This term was brought up in a report by the American Academy of Paediatrics which dealt with the problems associated with various social networking sites. Social Media has a greater psychological effect on children who have low self-esteem. The kids face the emotional turmoil to stand out, fit in, or being accepted by their friends. 

2. Cyberstalking 

It is referred to stalking or harassment that takes place on online channels such as social media, emails, etc. Cyberstalking generally arises with harmless interactions especially at the beginning it may even amuse adolescents, however, with the passage of time it may become annoying or even frightening. 

Smartphones are connecting people at fingertips but they come with certain underlying issues as well. Teenagers are habitual of their phones, check for the latest updates, share every small activity. This habit slowly becomes an addiction and makes them curious since they look for the latest updates from their friends. They even find new friends or acquittances on social media and make virtual connections. But such types of connections might create anxiety in them. 

Parents must keep an eye on their kids and try to have a conversation with them. They can even install a mobile phone tracking app that helps in keeping a check on their child. Especially when we talk about teenagers, they always require the complete attention of their parents. 

3. Cyberbullying 

Cyberbully is referred to as the usage of social media for the communication of false, embarrassing, or any hostile information to specific users. Prolonged bullying may lead to many psychological problems like depression, isolation, stress, anxiety, and even some sort of suicidal thoughts. As a parent, you need to familiarize yourself with the latest social media platforms, and also set some of the ground rules on the usage of social media. You can even install a mobile phone tracking app on your child’s device which helps in monitoring. 

4. Social Isolation 

There is a relationship between social media and social isolation. When teenagers see pictures or videos of their friends where they are not invited, brings anxiety in them. Teenagers suffer a lot because of this and are out of the present moment and their lives. Parents don’t understand the reasons behind their behavior. The best way to guide your child could be by installing the best app for parental control.  

5. Poor Concentration 

Social Media is not only bringing a change in their behavior, but also creating a huge impact on the studies. Kids need more concentration to deal with something important like schoolwork, classwork, or homework, but due to the constant usage of social media, Multitasking has become a trend. However, Researchers show that constant interruption has an adverse effect on the child and reduces learning as well as performance. 

6. Internet Addiction 

Excess usage of social media can lead to internet addiction in teens. The more time kids focus on social media, they get more exposed to new things which leads them to explore more. This eventually turns into addiction, and if not handled properly, it can even affect the overall development of the child. 

7. Lower Self-Esteem 

Most teenagers start comparing themselves with celebrities or influencers after spending so much time on social media. Teenagers compare themselves with celebrities which negatively affects their self-respect and dignity. Studies show that teenagers who spend so much time on social media are usually isolated from their friends and have very low self-esteem. 

8. Suicidal Thoughts 

Social media is addictive as well as can lead to suicide. Teenagers do anything to receive attention. When they see someone performing such activities, they try to copy without giving it a second thought. Researchers show that suicidal thoughts are contagious. 


As a parent, it is our duty to take care of our child. If the kid is addicted to social media, we need to guide the child in the right direction. This can be done in various ways. You can keep an eye on the kid, but practically it is not possible. But you can keep a virtual eye on your kid. You can install an android app for parental control on their phones and monitor their activity. Phone Agent 007 is one such app that helps parents in monitoring their child.

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