With the advancement of technology, kids demand phones at a very early age. Giving your child a cell phone at a very early age means giving them access to the internet and various social media platforms. Using smartphones at this age might make them more susceptible to internet predators and cyberbullying. There are various other threats as well like age-inappropriate content, hate speech, and other scams. In such situations, it is very essential for a parent to keep an eye on their kids. They can use a child monitoring app to seek what their kids are up to.    

However, you have to remember that there is no right or wrong age to give a phone to your child. whenever you as a parent feel your kid is ready for a phone, you can give them the phone. Once you provide your child with this luxury, you have to remember to keep a check on them using some app for parental control. By this, you can even keep a track of the apps your child should install on his/her phone. 

Benefits of Apps for Kids 

There are various benefits of using apps for kids: 

  • Students prefer to study over the apps 
  • Reducing the gaps 
  • 24/7 availability
  • Sustainable 
  • Portable 

The main question that arises is what are the types of apps that parents should install on their kid’s phone. 

I. Educational Apps

The apps that are developed to provide advanced study methods or explore any particular app. The education industry has seen major changes in the past few years with the advent of digitization. These type of apps helps in encouraging the students of all ages. Many educational apps provide paid services and some of them are free of cost. 

There are many types of educational apps:

1. AR education apps 

AR apps help to integrate a new way of innovative and immersive learning using various visualization and interaction techniques. This will benefit the children of all age groups. They can even learn various tips and tricks to study. 

2. Question-Answer App

Question-Answer apps help the students to post their questions or queries on specific subjects and topics. The teacher or the mentor will answer it accordingly. 

These types of apps can be used by any age group around the world.  

3. Educational Quizzes app 

Another type of app for students is educational apps with different games and quizzes, this allows the students to increase their knowledge. quizzes can be on various subjects like mathematics, science, computer, English, grammar questions, etc. these types of apps lets you improvise the knowledge of your child. kids should also be allowed to play games and quizzes according to their categories, age groups, and difficulty levels. 

4. Tutorial apps 

One of the most effective ideas is to develop contact between a student and a tutor over an app, enabling the parents to hire online tutors for all the subjects. You can select the best tutor according to the requirements of the students. 

II. Learning Apps 

Learning apps are the applications dedicated to kids learning and their overall development. The learning apps are very kids friendly, can be used on any device, and are super safe to be used. The learning apps intend to strengthen new ways of learning with innovation to improvise education and fun for the kids. 

There are many learning apps like 

1. Byju’s

They offer comprehensive learning programs for all the students. They provide engaging videos, great lesson plans, and personalized learning journeys. They focus on conceptual clarity through depiction and visualization. 

2. Whitehat Jr

They offer an ed-tech platform that teaches the students coding through one-on-one classes with the instructors. The app helps the children to learn computer programming and encourages them to create various games, animations, and applications.

3. Crazy GK Trick Apps 

This is an ideal app for enhancing the knowledge of your child. it offers you various quiz sections as well as provides videos. 

III. Television show apps 

Kids can watch popular shows, movies, and various programs. Parents feel relieved that their kids are seeing good content. 

1. YouTube kids 

This is an app build for the kids using various automated filters, human reviews, and feedback from various parents to protect the younger generation from the mature content. 

2. Happy kids app

This is a free and safe platform that entertains and educates kids of all age groups with their most popular shows, movies, music, rhymes, cartoons, etc.

IV. Fitness Apps 

There are various fitness and dance apps that kids can enjoy. They can learn various forms of dancing like Zumba, bhangra, salsa, etc. They can even learn yoga, aerobics, and many other forms using various apps. 

V. Parental Control Apps

This is one such application that is the need of the hour. These types of apps are used majorly for safety purposes. You can track the chats, calls, locations, call history, etc remotely by keeping your loved ones safe. It makes it easier for the parents to keep an eye on their child’s whereabouts.

Phone Agent 007 is such a android parental control app that helps you track the day-to-day phone activities of your child. 

Bottom Line 

There is no doubt that the apps help the kids in various ways but as parent it is our responsibility to keep a check on our kid. These applications are helpful in the overall development of the kid. But if we want to keep an eye on the kid, a mobile monitor app is required. This will help in keeping your kid safe and sound.


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