Every individual has the right to digital privacy, but there are a lot of risks involved when you are on the internet. It is certainly a great place for the kids to learn, be entertained, and communicate with others, however, it can be a very dangerous place as well. It is a very unrealistic thing to imagine your kid without a phone or isolate themselves from all the technological advancements. Although you can control or delay your child’s involvement in the internet world.

The best thing to do is that as soon as your teen, starts accessing the internet, talk to them about their interests, and what they are watching, reading, or who they are communicating with online. Here are some of the effective ways of digital privacy to protect your family as well as your children from the dangers of the internet. 


A mother and daughter talking about digital privacy

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The first step to safety measures involves a well-informed child. Any type of family meeting or conversation is going on, internet privacy is one of the most important things these days. A person should see what is and isn’t fine for your family to share and why, and what should raise a red flag when talking with strangers. The kids should be taught that they should ask themselves, “Is there anything the rest of the family should mind”? 

If something happens, a kid should inform the family to be secure. 

Set Rules 

Rules and regulations are very helpful, especially when you think about why these rules need to be obeyed. One of the most common rules that we try to impose on the kids is, you must ask yourself is it OK  to say, if the answer is No you must never say it. You must guide the kids to design the rules about thoughtfulness and courtesy, and not about secrecy. Kids should learn to ask various questions of people to understand the boundaries as a part of growing up. 

Check your Settings 

We live in the era of complete digitalization, the more private the social networks, and the chatting apps, the better it is. You can limit these apps to friends, and families in real life. You can use a parental control app and operating system settings to keep a check. It helps in access to certain apps and you can configure the privacy settings as well. 

Read the Fine Print 

A lot of apps will ask for permissions that aren’t necessary. For Example, few apps ask for access to your contact lists or other information like asking for the data, thinking carefully before allowing it to be offered. Once you grant such permissions, they are granted for good reasons. You must read the end-user agreement to knowing, what you are accepting.       

Know the Laws 

Kids have certain protection as well as restrictions towards the internet that are not provided to adults. One such law is the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). You must familiarize yourself with such laws, this will help to keep certain things private. 

Think Before Posting 

Many parents share adorable, and funny photos of their kids, they don’t think twice. You have to consider that those stories will be online forever. Will there be something your family wants out there when the kids are all grown up? Certainly not! It is best to keep this information personal because the safety of the kids is the most important factor. 

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Check for Unexpected Information 

You will be surprised to see how much information can be drawn from a simple picture. By just seeing the setting, background, subject, and more, a lot of information can be drawn. You must be very careful before putting up a photo or sharing your personal information, you must think about how this information can be misused. What will be concluded from the information they are sharing online. 

Know your Parental Control Options 

Innocent searches at times lead to not-so-innocent results. It is best to know how to use the parental controls, internet service providers, as well as devices. Phone Agent 007 is one of the best parental control apps that helps in keeping an eye on your child. You can help prevent your child from seeing and accessing the most violent or sexual content. 


It is a very complicated topic, as the kids grow up, digital security becomes a great concern. As a parent, our approach to digital privacy remains a priority. The parental control software can help in keeping an eye on your child and keeping them safe and secure.