Cell phones are very popular with kids these days. But the parents aren’t sure at times when is the appropriate time for their kids to have a phone. There are various other parenting problems, which parents usually look back at their times. But this issue can’t be thought back to our childhood to see its handling. With the advancement of technology, people have been addicted to cell phones, and kids are no different. Phones have become a part and parcel of their lives. 

The teens see the cell phone issue quite differently, they see it as a step towards independence. Cell phones have become a status symbol for many kids. Certain schools have banned the usage of mobile phones during school hours and others let them use the phones in between the classes as well. If the kids are permitted to use the mobile phones, an app for parental control is a must to keep an eye on your kids. 

Arguments for Cell Phones for Kids 

One of the best reasons for you to get your kid a cell phone is that it lets you stay in touch with them and adds to the safety of your child. Your child can inform you about their whereabouts. You can get in touch with your child in case of an emergency. The sense of security and safety is one of the best reasons for buying a phone for your child. 

There are a several reasons for giving your child a phone like:

  • Safety and security of the child.
  • Teaching your kids responsibility as they care for their phones. 
  • GPS can help you know where your kid is at all times. 

All these reasons point in favor of mobile phone, but is it safe for the overall development of the child. Parents can install various apps for monitoring phone,s which will let the parents keep an eye on their child. 

Arguments Against the Over Usage of Cell Phones for Kids 

There are many reasons for holding off on giving the child a cell phone especially during their teenage. 


Kids get obsessed with their cell phones, they want the best among their friends. Cell phones can cost the parents a fortune. You might have to pay extra charges for going over your time, buying various apps, using excess internet. Hence it is tough for a parent to make their kid understand the main reason for buying them a mobile phone. 

Broader Internet Access

A cell phone will give wide access to your kid. With the cell phone, your kid can use social media which would lead to internet addiction. Children get exposed to a lot of things at an early age. If these things are not handled properly can affect the overall development of the child. 

Poor Concentration 

Internet usage has brought a major impact on the studies of kids. They need good concentration for studies, schoolwork, homework, etc. but due to phones, they spend most of their time on them. The Constant interruption has an adverse effect on the child and reduces their concentration level. Kids even use the phones for studies these days, but monitoring them is very important. So even if you are planning to give your child a phone, you should install a child monitoring app to get complete knowledge of your child’s whereabouts. 

Behavior Problems 

Cell phones put your child at risk for exchanging inappropriate photos, videos, etc. They can even indulge in making various prank calls. It is very essential to keep an eye on them. You can install a mobile monitor app to keep a check on your child’s phone activities. 


Kids become victims of cyberstalking, which they aren’t comfortable confronting to their parents. Kids indulge in harmless interaction at first which may be amusing to them. However, with time it may become annoying or threatening. Phones help people in connecting on their fingertips but they become habitual and check for every small activity. Parents must keep an eye and try to have a conversation with them. They can even install a mobile phone tracking app that helps in keeping a check on their child.   

Making the Right Decision 

Is your child ready for a mobile phone, is something you need to decide for yourself? You should make sure that your child is ready to take responsibility for his actions. When getting a younger child a mobile phone, consider putting some limits to it. 

You can look after it by downloading the best app for parental control. Using the application, you can:

  • Manage the calls
    View all the incoming and outgoing calls including the time durations and timestamps.
  • Manage messages
    Monitoring messages gives access to reading the text messages sent or received by your child.
  • Manage social media apps
    Track and monitor the information on all the social media apps like WhatsApp monitoring, Snapchat monitoring, Facebook monitoring, skype monitoring, and many more.
  • GPS Tracking
    You can even track the location of your child to provide complete safety.
  • Screen Recorder & keylogger
    You can get a screen recording of your kid’s phone. You can even trace the keystrokes made by your kid on your mobile phone.

Parental Control App lets you help in keeping a regular check on your child’s day-to-day activity. There are many more features apart from these which lets you monitor your child. Handing a phone to your child is a blessing from the safety point of view but keeping your child in the right direction is also essential.


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