“Parenting is a lifetime job and does not stop when a child is growing up”.

Parenting is a big responsibility; you should be satisfied with the method you follow. Trusting your child is very important but aren’t you afraid of their whereabouts?

Have you ever thought about the impact of social media and networking on your child’s mind?

Do We Require a Child Monitoring App?

Parent knows their kid well and is the best judge of what they can handle. Children have started using and demanding a personal phone at a very young age. Despite many denies, parents are compelled to give their children phones. Kids have easy access to hundreds of channels and various internet sites. They can even buy or download various things from internet that might not be of their use. There is a vast number of media, and some of it might not be appropriate for their child. 

A fact which needs to be brought forward is that parental monitoring isn’t about privacy but all about safety. As a parent, we are worried about our kids and their well-being. With the deep internet engagement, teenagers have faced a lot of cyber-crime. There are a lot of problems faced regarding the creation of fake profiles, offensive messaging, online stalking, and harassment. But the kids are not comfortable confronting their parents. There might be certain things that are affecting the child’s upbringing as well. 

Your child needs monitoring when he/she becomes an adolescent. They have less knowledge about what is wrong and right for them. This is the age where parents need to guide them and make them understand what is right for them. These days kids are maturing early due to over-exposure to everything. Living in the same house, parents are not aware of their child’s problems. Working parents don’t get enough time to look after their children properly. They compensate their time by providing their child with the phone he/she wants. This is the need of the hour, but doing so creates long-term trouble for the parent as well as the kid. 

Let’s discuss the reasons for every parent to start monitoring their child’s internet activity:

1. Cyberbullying  

Most of the kids who have undergone cyberbully usually face distress but never have the courage to tell their parents. Phone monitoring can alert you if someone is bullying your child. In such scenarios, a child monitoring app may be very effective. 

2. Online Predators 

We have the internet to check the child predators for finding and developing friendships with children. You won’t even know who is talking to your child or who has befriended him/her. 

3. Protection of Their Personal Information 

Children are too innocent to understand that they don’t have to reveal their personal information in front of everyone. They should understand that online dangers are as bad as real-world dangers. 

4. Safeguard Their Reputation 

There is a lot of stuff online which is going to harm your child’s reputation, or which should not be ideally posted online. This might affect their bright future. Child Monitoring would help your child from posting anything damaging. 

5. Limit Screen Time and Monitor Activities

As a parent, it is better to have an idea about how much time is their child spending on their device. They can enforce a limit on screen time and be active on the phones for that particular time. 

These worrisome activities in teenagers create a reason for initiating an app for parental control. This app can help you monitor emails, social media profiles, texts, and various other functions. Parental Monitoring App helps in preventing your kids from high-risk activities. We have introduced Phone Agent 007 so that it can provide an additional layer of protection to secure your children. Our app provides a wide range of services to track your child’s phone without being visible on the phone. Phone Agent 007 provides some interesting and remote monitoring features

A) WhatsApp Tracking 

You can monitor all the chats, calls, voice notes, images, videos, audios that are exchanged using WhatsApp on any device. You can get immediate updates of all the information from the sender to date and time. 

B) Call Recording 

Phone Agent 007 helps in recording all the sent and received calls that can be heard by you. You can track the time, date, duration of the call, you will know whether it is an incoming or an outgoing one. You may also trace the location and GPS of the phone at the time of the call. 

C) Internet History 

You can also see the browsing history of your child, which would enable you to understand the questions which arise in their mind. This would enable you to know your child better and can help you communicate with your child in a friendly manner. 

D) Facebook Chats and Calls monitor

Facebook Monitor can easily help in the detection of the activities of your child on the Facebook platform. You can protect them from any type of potential threats, abusive language and provide a safe environment for your kid. 

E) Live Screen Stream 

This feature enables you to view the live screen of your child’s device. You can keep an eye on your child immediately. 

Final Thought 

“A child is an uncut Diamond”, you need to polish them to bring out the best in them. Parental Monitoring can contribute widely to the upbringing of the child. Phone Agent 007 provides you a safe and secure environment for your child. 

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