Thieves are very vigilant these days, they know how to use technological advancements to their advantage. They are well aware that sensitive information can be obtained easily by the kids. They can play with their innocent minds and extract whatever information they are looking for. In such cases, parents need to be careful all the time with personal information. They need to take care of personal documents, ask sensitive questions regarding the usage of information from their children, and even teach kids how to identify thieves.

The Reason Behind Targeting Kids for Identity Theft?

As disgraceful as it may sound, it is easier to extract personal information from a child than anyone else as they don’t think of anyone else. For example: while telling their whole name, their birthday, or their address. Sometimes, this is the only information a thief requires to steal a child’s identity.

The worst-case scenario is that they don’t even need to get in touch with them directly. They can dig out such information by hosting a fake giveaway or telling them about some great deal. They can get log-in information for official forms, and a lot of other things. Some people gather the information by monitoring the chat apps or by deeply studying the profile information. They have their ways to get the data from an innocent child. 

What is the Usage of Child Identity Data?

Children’s identities are used for all forms of identity theft. Unfortunately, the organizations who take the social security number usually don’t have the tools or time to check out the claims completely. Children get to know more and can enter young adulthood to discover their credit has been ruined before they have even thought of taking a loan. In some of the worst cases, the family members try to commit such fraud in need of money. 

How to Prevent Theft of Your Child’s Identity 

Keep a check over any unusual mail such as a credit card solicitation that is in the name of your toddler or any mail from the IRS or any other government agency to your adolescent. If you receive any such information, you need to run a credit card report to find out any link between your child and the agency. If you find any unusual or fraudulent activity, you can just close the accounts, freeze the credit card, and report it at (Social media Platforms Affecting Our Children)

Ways to Protect Your Child

  • When you hand over a phone to your teenager, you need to teach them regarding the spot scammers, and frauds. You can even emphasize the need of being skeptical of people who ask for their personal information like name, address, or any other identifying information. 
  • Install a parental control app on their phone. This will help you keep an eye on the children and even check if the kid is using any website that might want to steal the information. 
  • You need to see whether your kids understand any sort of questions that they are asked. They should be presented in front of you before the kid fills them out. 
  • If somebody from the same school, coaching institute, or vicinity is asking for any sensitive information, ask the reason behind that particular information. You can even question the security of such information and whether the information can be used somewhere else. 
  • You need to put all the information in your name for any of the subscriptions they require. You must never put your kid’s names on such sensitive information. 
  • In case you dispose of any laptop or phone, or tablets, or any other device that may not carry that information, you must discard the information as well. You must destroy any document by burning or shredding only.

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To Sum Up

It is never too early for a kid to know the need to protect one’s identity. But they will definitely need a helping hand, and guidance to navigate them through the internet. A child monitoring app would be best in such a scenario. This will help in keeping an eye on their kids and protect them from the bad effects of identity theft. To learn more, Try out our best parental control app Phone Agent 007.