Smartphones have turned the whole world around it. We cannot think about our lives without using smartphones. A smartphone is one of the most convenient and fastest tools used for communication. We can send instant messages, make calls, and share multimedia files with anyone using smartphones no matter where they are. But, many young people are not able to handle it and misuse this great technology. 

 The online world is quite unsafe for kids, especially when they are not guided in an appropriate way. They can face a lot of issues like cyberbullying, harassment. Responsible parents search for an answer in such cases. You must invest in your child’s safety and keep them away from harm. As a result, one of the best ways to maintain your calm and read text messages from your child’s phone is by using a parental control app.

 With a tracking app, you will be able to check your child’s phone and keep an eye on them. Whether it is their current location, last conversation, text messages sent, social posts, or even the recent photos, you can keep a complete check on them. You can even block certain unauthorized websites.

 Smartphone usage among kids drastically increased in 2009, which led to the increase in sexting at a very early age. According to a survey, 14.8% of the children sent these texts and 27.4% of them received them. This number kept on growing as the kids started owning smartphones. But the sad part of the story is that the number of online predators also increased by about 5,000,000 predators searching for their victims every day.

 As the teens and youngsters share their intimate photos and videos for fun, predators try to gain sympathy using fake accounts and befriend them to receive such content. And then they start harassing the kids by manipulations and pressuring them to share sexual content.

Kids Using Phone and Tabs

 The kids are at a very vulnerable age, they are not comfortable talking about these things with their parents. Hence they feel trapped and keep this a secret. This is how the predators exploit them right behind their parent’s backs.

What do You Need to Read Text Messages from Your Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

If you are planning to track your child’s phone without telling them, then there is one thing you need to know- the right software or app. You will need an application to track your kid’s phone activity. But how will you know there is a need to read text messages and spy on them without their knowledge? you might see a change in their behavior or maybe depression. So, let’s see what actions you can take as a parent to deal with such issues.

1. Use Phone Agent 007 and Track their Conversations

If you notice your kid is not happy or worried all the time, and fail to understand the reason, you need to think about monitoring software. With a parental control app like Phone Agent 007, you can read the text messages on their phone without telling them about the installed software in the target phone. You need to follow few simple steps to do so:

  • You can choose the subscription according to the pricing plans.
  • Fill in the billing information and submit the payment.
  • You need to follow the instructions that are available to you.
  • You will get access to your control panel.
  • Access and adjust the app according to your wishes.
  • Start reading the text messages from your smartphone.

When the installation is done, you can read all the text messages from your kid’s phone without telling them including social media, such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Tinder. (Should Kids Be Given Early Access to Mobile Phones?)

2. Check Text Messages on Your Kid’s Android from Another phone

Do you know that the messages that were sent or received by any android phone are automatically backed up and stored on the phone locally? If you want to restore any information, messages, photos, or videos you can look for a specific app on the App store. If your kid avoids talking about his/her real problems or refuses to give you their phone, you need to get a solution that won’t lead your child in any trouble. (To read messages on your child’s iPhone without them knowing )

How to Protect Your Kid from being Harassed Online?

Kids are very dependent on their phones these days. You can know what problems they are facing by reading their texts on the phone. But how can you prevent your child from cyber threats, bullying, and online predators? You can do that using Phone Agent 007, they offer a wide variety of features like:

  • Monitoring calls and messages.
  • Tracking using GPS
  • Matching passwords using a keylogger
  • Managing social accounts
  • View browser history
  • Blocking bad content
  • Blocking suspicious content

Phone Agent 007 is a handy tool that makes it possible for parents to check their kids at distance. You can prevent your child from the cyberbully, threats, and predators. The best thing is that you can track your child without invading their privacy. Now don’t have to push them to tell you about their personal life.