Are you worried about your kid’s success?

Are your kids perfect?

If you think they are, then you might stop there. You don’t want a lot of suggestions on your parenting style. But when it comes to raising your children to be successful, every parent wants to know what they should do, or not do. Some parents think that their kids will be successful because they get good grades. Maybe, you are under the false impression that your kids will be successful because of their grades, a good social circle, or their behavior. 

Unfortunately, that is not the scenario, just because the kid behaves well, you cannot guarantee his success. Every parent wants their children to succeed. It is rightly said, “Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed in them”. Therefore, we have put together 10 major parenting tips that would help you raise successful kids.  

Parent’s Involvement in Child’s Upbringing 

Parents play a major role in the upbringing of the child. The interactions, and communication we have today with the kids shape their tomorrow. This is the biggest reason to be involved in your child’s life as much as possible, especially if you want to raise a successful kid. 

It is easier to say than become such a parent, this process can be a bit confusing. Does it mean you need to keep an eye on your kid 24*7? Does it mean helping them with their homework? Or are there other things that great parents do to raise successful children?

If you are looking for the best parenting advice, they start right here!

10 Best Parenting Tips to Raise Successful Children

1. Encouragement to Become Generous 

“A generous man will prosper”. It is a well-said fact that being generous can make you happy. It is true and the same is the case with the kids as well. When the children know that they are making others happy, it can enrich a child’s life. This is why it is important to encourage your kids to make a difference in the community, or help parents, family, and friends by fulfilling their needs.

2. Practice Decision-Making 

As a parent, you want to protect your child, but controlling them can hinder rather than enhance a child’s development. You don’t start making sound decisions in a day, it requires regular practice, which comes with experience. 

Give your child options and choices so that they can start learning. Make sure you do not give any health-related or non-safe decision-making. Instead of forcing your decisions on them, you need to let them choose under your guidance. However, if they still want to do work their way, let them suffer the natural consequences of their actions. Experience is the key to making wise decisions. 

A person can never succeed no matter how well-equipped they are. A person needs to be motivated so that he can achieve greatness. Freedom of choice acts as a crucial motivator. If the kids aren’t allowed to make their decisions, they will lose motivation soon.         

3. Praise Them Regularly for Their Good Work 

The best parenting advice always suggests that you must always praise your children when they do something good. Praise plays a very crucial role in their development, however, the right kind of praise will make a drastic difference in the child’s thinking. 

They are required to be praised for the effort they put in some work and not for the abilities they already have. If the child is studying hard for an exam and then he scores A, praising them will mean the world to them. But to raise a successful child, you need to make sure that their hard work is being praised, not only their smart work. 

4. Let Them Decide Their Punishment 

If they did something wrong, before you burst out on them or take away their playtime, just sit down and talk to them. If you want to raise successful children, consider them to pick a punishment for themselves. It could help them realize their mistake and lead them to break the rules less frequently. 

5. Put Them to Work 

It doesn’t mean they need a job, but what about their basic chores? By making your children do basic chores, you can make them learn that to get something, they need to work hard for it. Set very basic tasks like keeping the things at their place, cleaning the room, throwing garbage in the bin. It’s the most important tip to be followed and easy to implement as well. 

6. Give the Child Your Undivided Attention

Are you on your phones all the time? It can be easy for a parent as well to get carried away by the small screen, and your maximum attention goes there. However, raising successful children requires undivided attention as well. 

7. Set Sensible Boundaries 

Everyone knows that good parenting involves setting boundaries. Unfortunately, you want your kid to love you by giving them everything they ask for, but you need to set boundaries so that they respect you as well. This is very important as respect is something they will carry with them for the rest of their life. 

8. Challenge Them to Keep Them Motivated

Children need goals in their life. It takes a lot of effort to sustain motivation, but success is possible. Challenge them to accomplish some tasks so that they can nurture their capabilities. Encourage them for better performance. 

9. Expect Effort and Not Perfection

The parents who expect achievement are more likely to have kids with anxiety, and depression problems. Kids need to be engaged in the activities and their performance should not be questioned. However, they should be encouraged. 

10. Reduce Their Screen-Time 

If you are wondering what would help in raising successful children, grab the remote and turn off the T.V. or reduce their time on phones. Kids are glued to their smartphones these days, it is important to reduce the pressure they have on their eyes. To help, consider the best child monitoring app, Phone Agent 007. It lets you keep an eye on your kid’s smartphone activities and apply restrictions wherever required.  


Your child will make his own way to success, you just need to guide and support him. If you want to monitor your child’s activities, you can install Phone Agent 007 on your kid’s device and keep an eye on them using your own phone. It is the best parental control app that will help you monitor their call logs, messages, and much more.


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