Employers might be encouraging the employees to work from home but it is tough to assume whether the remote employees are working properly or not. It is becoming very stressful to monitor the work from home productivity of the team.

There are a lot of questions that are stuck in the mind of the business owners:

  • Is the remote team working efficiently during office hours?
  • Can work from home productivity be measured?
  • How many employees are following the schedule?

There are a lot of questions that keep on coming related to the monitoring of the remote team activities. However, the solution is also in front of the business owner’s eyes that they don’t recognize. 

How Can you Monitor the Working From Home Productivity?

For the monitoring of the work from home productivity, business owners have a perfect solution in the form of the Phone Agent 007 app that helps in monitoring the employees. it is an all-in-one tool that can prepare you for the remote setup. The monitoring device works in multiple ways like 

1. Time Tracking 

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The first and the topmost concern is that to monitor the employees working from home, you have to rely on the employee monitoring tool’s real-time tracking feature. This type of tool can tell you the starting and the ending time of an employee. With an inbuilt tracking system, you can check the time of the employees when they work. 

You can even ask the employees to track their work throughout the day and get the details. You can even evaluate the most productive hours of your employees. you can even crosscheck and evaluate the time spent on the phone calls. 

2. Setting Timelines

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The monitoring tools not only help in checking the activities of the employees, they even let you assign various projects with a proper timeline. You can send specific timelines to each employee. 

When you check that one of the employees is behind the schedule, you can even send them reminders based on their work left. In this pattern, you can guide a single person instead of the entire team and work towards a mutual goal. 

3. Implement Self-Assessment Measures 

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If you are working with a small team, you can easily work with a self-assessment system. You can send productivity reports and tell them the amends required. When people have proof of productivity in front of their eyes, they can work hard and try to overcome their shortcomings. This is basically a good way to improve themselves, at the ease of work from home scenario. 

4. Application Monitoring for Working from Home 

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When people are busy working without proper employee monitoring, they have thousands of things on the internet to monitor them. They may find a lot of things to distract them. Your employees might be wasting time on social media or browsing various shopping sites.  This thought has been stressing a lot of business owners. 

But when you see the social media tracking feature, you can check all the applications and their details. If you find your employees using the irrelevant app during working hours, you can stop them and warn them regarding the same.

5. Productivity Tracking 

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The productivity of each employee is different and can be measured in depth to get an insight into the data. You can even check the idle time, and compare the productivity using real-time. 

6. Social Media Tracking 

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The admin is allowed to track the employee’s social media activities, the total time spent, and verify the daily tasks accomplished on the social media. 

7. Smooth Communication 

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While working from home, people need an easy communication channel, it should not be a leisure interaction. The employee monitoring app comes with a call recording feature that helps the managers in knowing how much time their team is spending on the call and the purpose of the call as well. 

Final Words:

Remote Monitoring is Effective 

If you are worried that the employees cannot be effectively employed, and Work From Home can lead the business towards a loss, you need a perfect employee monitoring tool. You can easily evaluate your team’s performance and productivity. 

You just need to find a perfect employee monitoring software, and you are ready to set up a work-from-home team. You just need to find a capable team and establish control over your team.