When we come across the sales team, it will be shocking to understand that only 39%of the sales team is spent selling or interacting with prospects and customers. The key challenge for the sales leaders to solve is to prove how to improve sales productivity and performance. This is the topmost problem faced and has become an ever-increasing obstacle. 

Improving sales productivity starts with understanding that it’s not for a lack of effort. There are a million different strategies to be used to increase sales productivity, but the first place you start is by reducing the administrative tasks. 

What is Sales Productivity?

Sales Productivity refers to maximizing the sales results while reducing the expanded resources. Resources can include everything whether it is cost, effort, or time. 

Sales productivity can be measured by the rate at which the salesperson can increase the revenue for the company. The process of becoming more efficient with time leads to improving efficiency. 

Major factors contributing to sales inefficiency. 

The field sales professionals face a lot of obstacles that prevent them from operating at peak efficiency. 

To improvise the level of productivity, it is necessary to recognize and understand the most significant factors that stand in the way of reaching great heights. 

  • A lot of performance pressure to reach targets. 
  • Inconsistencies in sales strategies and processes.
  • The training and coaching session is poorly designed.
  • Poor route planning and scheduling.
  • Lack of communication among the people.
  • Failing to establish sales activities priorities.
  • Resisting the adaptation of innovative and creative tools, and ideas. 
  • Evolving dynamics in the sales funnel. 
  • Sales cultures breed negativity. 

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The severity of the situation may differ, but each salesperson has to go through a lot of challenges. 

Let’s watch the below video👇 on 3 ways to increase sales productivity:

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Key Features of Sale Productivity:

With so many hurdles in the path of the sales team, there may be few key features that serve as a foundation for building blocks to help increase productivity. 

  1. Consistency 
  2. Concentration 
  3. Constant innovation 
  4. Reduced pressure 

Strategies to Increase the Sales Productivity

1. Make the Ongoing Sales Training a Priority

The training information and content is normally forgotten within a few weeks, hence the on-going sales training needs to be effective. The sales environment is ever-evolving and the buying process is also complex. Your strategies must be trained on the selling space, buyer personas, and products, and be updated as the information can change over time. 

It is said that sales coaching can increase the productivity rate up to 88%, and yet many sales managers spend 5% of their time coaching. 

Sales coaching is a very crucial opportunity that helps in the development of the sales force. It is finding some actionable solutions and strategies to drive revenue to help in the prioritization and effective allocation to enable your team to develop professionally. 

2. Evaluate and Re-evaluate Sales Processes

When it comes to ineffective, and inefficient sales processes, the sales process can dig a deep hole in the pocket each year. If you want to set up a new process, it is best to determine what works and what doesn’t about your existing process. 

Productivity cannot be achieved overnight, once you have established a consistent process, you should seek ways to improve it. The beginning of each new quarter is a great time to re-evaluate your procedures and look for the adjustment areas. You must remember that every move in the sales process should be towards your goal.   

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3. Automate Your Sales Process

You must improve your sales rep by embracing automation tools. You can even boost up the sales rep productivity through the usage of trigger emails. 

For example: when a prospect subscribes to your newsletter, signs up for a free trial, or makes a purchase, an email is sent that engages them. 

4. Communicate with Your Team

This image mentions: Team communication is going on.

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Regular communication and feedback are very essential, especially if you have to manage the team remotely. You must follow a check-in process and reach out to the team regularly. it is even tough to over-communicate with the new members and have a high number of interactions. Apart from the calls, emails, you must have a one-to-one conversation to understand your team members. Sales is a tough and stressful job, which means the team should get complete help and support. 

Closing words 

A happy team 🙂 means happy and satisfied customers. These steps can point in the best direction and ensure your sales are being productive. To increase the productivity of the sales team, you must make it a priority to regularly teach and coach the sales team. Taking advice from experienced mentors can also reap good results.