Is there a kid’s mode for Android?

What is kid’s mode?

Is it useful as a parental control measure for daily supervision?

In the present situation, the internet plays a very essential role in all age groups, and it assists them in their work as well as to explore beyond boundaries. If you are planning to give your adolescent an Android gadget then you must think of installing a kid’s mode app in their phone before handing the device to them. If you look at the bright side of a phone, you definitely will find a lot of positive reasons for carrying a phone. But, have you noticed there are immense hidden dangers targeting the younger minds? 

It is high time to be aware and make your kids aware of the threats they can be exposed to. As a parent, it is our duty to take the situation under control. At a growing age, kids are usually prone to internet addiction, peer pressure, etc. It is the responsibility of a parent to create a safe environment for the kid and make them aware. 

Reasons Behind Using Kid’s Mode

a. Cyberbullying 

Using the kid’s mode, you can definitely protect your child from accessing any social media app that brings hidden dangers with them. The social media network allows the kids to make friends and know them better. This can also pose a serious threat to young minds. Kids befriend strangers very quickly and can become a victim of online predators.

b. Addiction Issues 

How to Make Kids’ Phones Safer with Android Kids Mode?

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During the growing age, kids tend to get addicted to their phones. They are curious to explore new things, but this can also lead to exploring objectionable content. The Androids Kid’s Mode enables access to only the safe games and prevents entry into inappropriate gaming websites. It even protects the kids from getting addicted to various unnecessary games on the online platform. 

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c. Sexual Harassment 

Some online predators try to contact the kids through social media and gaming applications. They can poke the kid via various chatting portals. When a kid makes an account on various platforms, they are more likely to face hidden predators. The kid’s mode can prevent the kids from connecting with the sources and prevent the kid from any sexual predators in the online mode. 

How Can a Child’s Phone Be Made Safe With Android Kid’s Mode?

1. Samsung Kid’s Mode 

This is a cyber platform created especially for kids to explore a different virtual world. This mode is compatible with all the Android versions 8.0 and lower. For the latest Android versions gadgets, you can use “Kids Home Accessible from the Quick Panel Preload”. 


  • It consists of more than 2500 unique, educational, and recreational apps. 
  • You can select the usage and screen time. 
  • Kids can download specific things only and are protected by a PIN. 


It is a free-of-cost app and is compatible with all Samsung gadgets. You can easily download it from the Samsung store. 


  • The set-up process is quick and easy.
  •  It provides a safe environment for the kids to learn and play. 
  • It even offers a kids-friendly camera with cartoon characters to excite the kids. 


  • The App is compatible only with Android gadgets. 
  • It doesn’t support higher versions above 8.0

2 . Vivo Kid’s Mode

You can restrict the phone access for your kids in Vivo gadgets using Android kid’s mode. It is a built-in app where the settings can be adjusted to enable the kid’s safe mode. 


  • Online activities of the kids can be monitored using this
  • The networks using the kid’s mode can be disabled
  • There are restrictions for phone usage within the safe zone of the internet platform. 


It is a built-in feature of Vivo gadgets so there is no need for purchasing it. 


  • You can easily enable “kid’s mode” in Vivo gadgets 
  • Prevention from addiction by providing limited access. 


  • Smart kids disable it 
  • You cannot control all the activities of your child in this mode. 

Need of parental control app “Phone Agent 007”

Parents still need a parental control app like Phone Agent 007. It is impossible to establish effective control over your child using the in-built apps. You need a special app that can handle the present generation of intellectual kids. 

Special Features of Phone Agent 007 

  •  View all the incoming calls and outgoing calls including the durations and time stamps.
  •  View all the sent/received messages and the multimedia files exchanged by the user.
  •  Monitor the WhatsApp chats, calls, images, etc.
  •  Track and monitor all the social media information through the best monitoring app.
  •  View and track the live location of your kid’s phone and check their route history.
  •  View all the multimedia files including the images, videos, gifs, etc.
  •  Check all the installed applications, you can even block the undesired applications.
  •  Monitor the online activities of your kid.
  •  View all the monitored data from your control panel.


Finally, Phone Agent 007 is the best parental control application that helps monitor their kid’s gadget remotely and effortlessly. You can protect your child from the hidden dangers of the cyber world.