With the increase in COVID cases, people spend most of their time at home. This has led to an increase in children spending time on their cell phones. Children have made their own small world that revolves around smartphones. They are busy messaging, calling, and video conferencing all the time. This has given the predators and criminals a golden opportunity to follow the kids and exploit them which led to increment in online Child Abuse. Parents must take the necessary measures to safeguard their children.   

More Online time accelerates more predators  

As the pandemic is spreading vigorously, most of us prefer staying at home and using various applications to interact. The rate of online child abuse has increased with each passing day. According to a survey by a European agency in 2020, the rate of exploitation of children and trading of materials involved in child exploitation increased. 

Most Common Reasons for Online Child Abuse :

  1. Children find videoconferencing and social media platforms very comfortable to use. When the kid starts socializing, they are not able to make the difference between their friends and a predator.
  2. The demand for child exploitation material has also increased on the internet. This presents a financial motive in the eyes of predators to attempt more abuse to collect video or photography.
  3. Parents have a lot on their plate right now. For instance managing home, child care, employment, and various other concerns. As a result, children are left unsupervised.
  4. The pandemic has brought a big strain on the kids’ mental health, which has lowered their emotional strength and ability to differentiate between right and wrong thus They don’t know when to stop. 

We always worry about the “stranger danger” for our kids, but we forget that most child exploitation cases are done by relatives, friends, or any trusted person. Parents don’t want to talk about it, but the reports reveal the spike in online child abuse amidst COVID-19. 

 Even before the pandemic, the growing threat of sexual abuse and exploitation of children was a growing threat that pervaded across the country.  Fortunately, protecting the kids has been easier with a child monitoring app. 

Block the Predators 

The process of protecting the kids from the predators who would victimize them is relatively straightforward. Here are some things you should do to protect yourself from the predators 

  1.  You must give your family basic knowledge about the signs of attempted predation. Kids must be aware that if somebody is trying to make them uncomfortable, or is asking for something irrelevant, even if they know the person, they should come to you.
  2. Show how to limit what strangers can extract from what they learn from an online footprint or a portfolio picture. Guide them on how to use social media effectively.
  3. Use a parental control app to block unwanted people from connecting with your child. You must block all those apps that you find irrelevant for your child.
  4. Get to know them better, get familiar with the apps and games they find fascinating. You must know their interests, and see whether they suit your house’s environment. You must learn the functioning of the apps they are using and learn how to report abuse or misbehavior.
  5. Encourage them to keep all their accounts whether social media or chat accounts as private as possible. Unless your child knows someone, they should not talk to them.
  6. Ask your kids about their online presence, or even better ask them to show you their chats and videos, even the social media images they are posting.
  7. Always warn them, predators come along in various forms. There are sexual predators online and there are more fraudsters and thieves. They can trick your children into giving some useful information like passwords, ID numbers, and various other private and useful information. 

A parental control app like Phone Agent 007 may be very useful in such a scenario. It is one of the most trustworthy and secure monitoring solutions. When it comes to the selection of the best tracking app, Phone Agent 007 discovers and delivers you real-time information via a control panel. We are among the top and most trusted mobile monitoring apps for keeping a check on your child’s phone activity. 

 Safeguard your child from online predators and cyber-crimes. Protect them from such problems as “Prevention is better than cure”.