If your kid is constantly using the phone and uses it to communicate with friends via social media, you must be aware of cyberbullying and must do something to stop cyberbullying. Technological advancements have captured teen’s minds and made them vulnerable to cyberbullying. Social Media acts as a medium for the rapid growth of these threats, bullying, etc. Online bullying is when the children find comfort in being offensive over the internet. 

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying refers to repeated threatening, harassing, mistreating, and making fun of another person purposely online or via any electronic device. As we see the growing need for smartphones and gadgets among children, cyberbullying is also growing. According to the research, about 73% of the students were interviewed for a survey and they said that they were cyberbullied at least once in their lifetime. The shocking thing was that 45% of the people claimed to be bullied in the last 30 days. 

Cyberbullying can lead to various problems like mental disorders (such as depression), or even suicide. However there are laws against it, but you still need to protect your kid from online harassment. Let us see the most effective tips on how to stop cyberbullying for kids and parents.

Girl says Stop Bullying

How Kids Can Stop Cyberbullying :

1. Avoid any response towards harassments 

People find comfort while hurting the victim and find it satisfying when you respond to them. They don’t bother regarding the response, their main aim is to extract a reply. If you stop responding to the harassment, the bully might lose interest and leave you. The kid must be aware when he/she comes in contact with such a person. They should never reply to the aggressive message but immediately inform a family member about it. By doing they can stop cyberbullying in the beginning.

2. Save Evidence 

If you ignore the cyberbullies and it is of no help, you must take some steps to stop cyberbullying. If they keep sending the threats, you must tell your adults. When someone sends such private messages or makes bad comments on social media posts, you must take a screenshot. You must note down the account details as well of the person threatening you to be identified by your parents or teachers. 

3. Block  Cyber Bullies 

The best solution is to limit your communication with such people. Once you gather all the evidence and save them, you can block them. You can restrict them from searching you anywhere or commenting on your posts and block their address in the email, contact details, and everywhere you find relevant. You can even decide who can see your profile and send you messages. 

4. Spend More Time with Your Friends and Family

Social media can pull you in and make you engrossed, you might find watching videos online fascinating and cool, but you should try to spend more time with real friends and family. It is good if you go for a walk or play with your friends instead of thinking about your social media life. Spending some days with the people you love can also be exciting. 

How Parents Can Stop Cyberbullying:

1. Discuss Cyberbullying with Your Kid 

When you hand over a smartphone to your kid, you should discuss cyberbullying with them. If someone is bullying your kid online chances are he is bullying other kids as well. You need to explain to them that it’s not their fault if someone is trying to bully them. Explain to your children the outcomes of cyberbullying. Make them comfortable while talking about such topics and feel free to talk about other problems. 

2. Teach the Kids About Privacy 

The major reason for the kids getting in trouble for befriending someone on the web is a lack of cybersecurity. Before giving your child a smartphone, teach them not to share their id’s passwords and log-ins with others. Explain to them the dangers of sharing such content. 

3. Encourage Your Child to Spend More Time in Outdoor Activities 

It is rightly said that if we do not see something or someone for a long time, we stop thinking about the same. Cyberbullying can be prevented by encouraging your kid to play outdoors with friends and family. If you encourage your kid to spend less time on social media, they will get distracted from the bully’s comments on the social media websites. This way you can give your child a healthy atmosphere and a break from social apps. 

4. Use a Child Monitoring App

One of the most effective ways to prevent cyberbullying is by keeping an eye on your child using a parental control app like Phone Agent 007 on your kid’s device. You can track your child’s online activity like detect bullies, or predators, or prevent kids from communicating with them and block the contacts you don’t want on your child’s phone. You can even check the multimedia files that are cyberbullies sending to them.

Final Thought 

Cyberbullying is a problem that is growing day by day. Cyberbullying is extremely stressful for both the kids and their parents. Gain the confidence of your kid and let them feel free to talk to you. You can enhance their safety by using a child monitoring app like Phone Agent 007.