Internet addiction exists or not is a very debatable topic. Although excessive usage of the internet points out various symptoms like mental health concerns, anxiety, and depression. 

Is Internet Addiction Real?

Internet addiction is generally associated with mental health terms that are more difficult to quantify. With the kids of age group 8 to 18 years, spending an average time of 44.5 hours per week in front of the screen is very normal. The parents get concerned since the continuous usage of screens is robbing them of real-world experiences. According to the research, almost one out of every ten youth gamers show enough signs of damage to their school, family, and psychological functioning to merit some serious concerns. 

Beyond gaming, kids are filling their free time with a lot of other internet activities like social networking, instant messaging, blogging, downloading, gaming, etc. According to the research, the following are the potential signs for children with pathological internet usage:

  1. They lose the track of time while they are online 
  2. Sacrifices the amount of sleep required
  3. Becomes angry due to interruption 
  4. Checks mail or online messages several times a day. 
  5. Becomes irritated if internet access is not given.
  6. Spends more time over the internet rather than friends and family. 
  7. Disobeys the time limit that is set for internet usage. 
  8. Are always preoccupied with the thought of getting back to the computer.
  9. Becomes irritated, moody, and depressed. 

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The Effects of Internet Addiction on the Kids 

Addiction is a growing concern among kids. Online access is a vital part of today’s world and a very important tool in children’s education. It is a very entertaining and informative medium as well. However, this is also becoming an enticing escape for children. They can play with anyone around the globe. They can escape to a world where no real problems exist.  

Effects of Internet Addiction on the Kids
Photo by Amina Filkins from Pexels

The internet world offers kids a way to escape painful feelings or troubling situations. The children who lack various rewarding or nurturing relations fall into this pitfall soon. The main reason is that they feel alone, isolated, alienated, and have problems making new friends. 

Let’s watch the below video on  the serious effects of Internet Addiction on Adolescents:

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Connection of Internet Usage to Anxiety and Depression 

People use various things whether they are doing some work or surfing the internet because it solves some or other problem for them. In certain cases, it is a good thing. For example, people often develop friendships online and move slowly into the real world at their pace. And people with all sorts of mental health can find a wealth of resources online. 

In other cases, people take out their anger on other people by cyberbullying or trolling. They simply engage in the act of avoidance which leads to endless scrolling on the phone. (Effective Tips on How to Stop Cyberbullying for Kids and Parents)

Do Kids Find What They are Searching for?

Adding to the problem, whatever a kid draws from the internet is what they are looking for. People who are already depressed usually find some comforting material on the internet. It may be an Instagram post or a Facebook post. 

The main key is to find the underlying problem that is causing such behavior. This can be a cumbersome task and kids might find it tough to open up to their parents regarding this concern. For example, if the child is having certain concerns in his/her school, they might spend time on the internet trying to enlighten their mood or find someone to talk to. In such a scenario, it is best to keep up with the mental health professionals to deal with the real problem. 

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