Parents are raising smart and tech kids. Toddlers as well kids are found stuck with their devices all the time. We find smartphones and tablets in the hands of toddlers these days. Most of the schools have incorporated computers, tablets, phones in their curriculum. Parents find phones important to safeguard their children and know their whereabouts. It also gives the parents a sense of satisfaction and knows more about their daily routine. 

Parents generally face challenges when they check the pros and cons of the digital freedom they have given to their children. Most parents consider that if they limit the children’s access to the internet, it could affect their learning and development process. But this also means that the children are exposed to the threats and the content that they might not be able to handle. 

This is one of the major reasons that the parental control software on all the devices can be helpful for the parents as well as their kids. We generally teach the kids to lock the home when everyone is out for security reasons, the same way kids should know a security system is very essential on various devices. 

Major Advantages of Using Parental Control App in Lockdown 

There are various advantages of using a parental control app that helps you keep an eye on your child’s phone activity:

1. Parental Controls Help You Keep Track of Your Kid’s Device

When your kids are busy creating their social presence, you can be a part of it by keeping a tab on their iPhones, iPads, and various other devices. You can even check your app store for various options. Parental control apps help in monitoring emails, social media profiles, texts, and other mobile functions. 

These are very helpful when you are concerned about the activities or conversations which create trouble. For example, there are various apps that notify when certain words are used. 

2. Parental Control Apps Let You Manage the Search Queries of Your Child

The Search engine is your child’s best friend, as he gets all the answers from it. The problem here is that access to infinite content is available to the kids depending on their age and development process. In such a scenario, the parental control app helps you block the adult content and explicit images, videos, and websites from the search results. 

3. Parental Control App Lets You Track Your Kid’s Location

This is one feature every parent requires; this indicates whether your kid is safe or not. This also lets you find your kid’s location at the time of emergency. 

Generally, your phones are always switched on for the GPS tracking or location feature to work properly. However, you should also discuss their safety and the measures they need to take. Ask them to avoid tagging or posting their live location, all the time. Help them inactivate their privacy settings. 

4. Parental Control Helps in Setting the Screen Time Limits

Screen time can be addictive and can mesmerize even an adult while they are mentally detached from everything happening around them. Excessive usage of phones can lead to bad posture, poor eyesight, inadequate sleep, and lack of any physical activity. Parental control apps can set boundaries and help engage the kids in physical activities.  

5. Parental Control Apps Can Help in Blocking Certain Features of Games Your Kids Can Cause 

Many gaming apps work with internet access that allows your kids to surf the web. They can even make in-game purchases, talk to other players and befriend strangers. You might not be comfortable with your child connecting to strangers or adding credit card information to them. 

Parental control app lets you set the user profile where the kids can access specified functions and you can monitor their game. (Good and Bad Effects of Video Gemes on Children)

6. Parental app Lets You Help Backing Up the Data 

Children use the internet for their assignments, school projects, and study material. It’s very important to back up such data in a safe and reliable place. This lets you store and save a large amount of data. But some of it could possibly be infected by various malware and viruses. You need to make sure to protect the digital memory with a secure backup. 

7. Parental Control Apps Must be Customizable

Blocking, and tracking the whereabouts can be great for the kids but not every family member needs this level of control hence you can fix the boundaries and respect them. 

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