These days kids are becoming addicted to social media and the internet at a very early age. They memorize the utility of the internet before they even learn how to write or learn. Teenagers know how to find almost anything using the internet from educational tools to entertainment. 

They are socializing themselves in online games or on smartphones in the same way they would on the playground. They are impacted badly by the digital community. But like any other community, there are risks and dangers as well. Understanding the need of the hour, it is very essential for the parents to keep an eye on their kids at this vulnerable age, they must well aware about online safety tips.   

The dark side of the internet is not hidden from any of us where kids can be a victim of cyberbullying, cyber threats, predators, and a lot more. The harsh reality is that the kids are trustful and fail to detect the predators who are behind the fake social media profiles. Another problem is that the children consider various search engines more influential than their parents. Teenagers think that their parents don’t understand their problems, hence they turn to social media for their solution. As a result, they can be easily swayed by the wrong decision and get in trouble. 

You cannot forbid them from using the internet, but you can create a safe environment for them. If you are wondering how to implement this, you must read it further and find out various ways to keep yourself sorted. You need to secure your network connection, use a Child Monitoring app, and teach them about internet safety. 

1. Remind kids that the Internet is for a long time 

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice”. Hence, we recommend you talk to your kids softly  before taking any safety measures. The first thing you need to explain to them is that the content they share online remains for a long time. The information may be saved on the external servers, photographs, videos, and many more. The tech-savvy predator or a cyberbully might access it and use it against your children. 

Hence you need to make the child aware of the threats and dangers they can face which is important for your kid’s safety.

2. Prevention from Distribution of Personal Data Online 

In the year 2018, the revenues generated by cybercriminals have reached $1.5 trillion. This amount has been increasing yearly, as the scammers have created new methods to steal personal data from the users targeting teenagers. 

This has become easier due to the increasing impact of the internet on the minds of individuals. People willingly share their personal information like real names, phone numbers, addresses, emails, bank account details, and much more. If you want your kid to be protected and away from such problems, you need to convince them to keep their details confidential. (Want to Know more about Dangers of Internet, Click Here)

3. Forbid them from Sharing Intimate Content 

Teenagers consider social media a perfect platform to have fun. They send intimate photos to each other. They believe that if they erase the files from their mobile phones, it will protect them from privacy violation. The content will be restored as it is still saved on a sender’s phone which ultimately bad for their safe life on internet. 

Even if a kid tries to delete all the multimedia files from their phone, they can be recovered back with the help of software. This is one of the most appropriate reasons for not sharing inappropriate content. 

4. Don’t Neglect Mobile Safety 

Maximum internet users put the security of their computers over mobile phones. They don’t spend much on mobile safety, thinking the repairing cost of a mobile phone will be less as compared to fixing a computer. According to the Consumer Reports Survey, more than 35% of smartphone users don’t use any safety measures to protect their devices. 

You can protect the data from your kids by setting up a PIN code and a finger pattern on their smartphones. You must install antivirus software on the device and ensure two-factor authentication for applications that require personal details. 

5. Erase the Data in case of a Stolen Phone 

Each smartphone has an IMEI number that can be used to track the kid’s device in case of theft. IMEI will help you find the last location of your phone using the “Find my Phone” by Google and the “Find my iPhone” app by Apple. However, the best way is to erase the data from the stolen phone immediately. 

6. Use Secured Wi-Fi network for Online Safety

When your kids are out of homes, they catch the free Wi-Fi network available to access their social media accounts. On the other hand, devices connected to the opened networks are easily hacked. 

7.Use a Parental Control App

The most common and severe dangers of internet users are Cybercrime, cyberbullying, sexual assault, and much more. However, it is very difficult to protect your kid every second. But this has become possible by using the best parental control app, Phone Agent 007. This mobile app helps you keep an eye on your kid’s phone activity. You can get access by just downloading the app on the target phone and getting access to your kid’s activity. 


You need to keep a check on your kid and stop them from getting into trouble. and we also are very well aware of this fact that after making them stop, they will still do that, perks of being a kid. So If you are not able to negotiate with their behaviour, you can install this parental control app and be secure and tension free. This for their own online safety.

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