Gone are the days when the kids used to be interested in outdoor games. The pandemic has been a silver lining as the parents also fear sending their kids outdoors for playing. The main question that arises is whether it is safe to handover an adolescent a smartphone to bring his/her brain to action. There are a lot of online games for kids which can keep them busy and happy but they might be unsafe for them. Hence, the parents must keep an eye on their children for their safety. Parents have the right to check whether the games are age-appropriate, safe, and kid-friendly or not. 

You cannot deny the fact that video games have evolved and online payment is a part of any kid’s gaming experience. There are undoubtedly various inappropriate games for children but there are quite a few that provide a safe environment for the young players as well. The parents can’t have complete supervision at all times, hence parental control apps can be very useful in such scenarios. 


There are a lot of things that parents take into account while parents select games for their kids including whether they are free or paid. Consider the following factors 

1. Who runs the gaming site? 

A trusted children’s brand is more likely to be secured and has robust systems in place to protect kids.  

2. What information does the gaming site collect from the child?

You can limit access to your child’s activities until they are old enough to decide what they want to share as adults. 

3. What features does the gaming site have?

It is the best solution to mark the chat option as monitored. This helps you in monitoring the website and watching out for the safety of the kids. 

4. What are the website’s policies for dealing with the abuse?

You must check the policies for the punishments, actions taken, and other steps before handing over a phone to the kids. 

5. What tools can be used to limit the abuse?

A parent should always have a backup option if the kid gets stuck in any situation. A parent should be well aware of reporting the users, blocking the predators, and exert control over their child’s emotional space. 

6. Does the game require any in-app payment?

It is very essential to keep checking whether the gaming app consists of any in-app payments. Kids might overuse it and spend unnecessarily. 

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  1. Interland
  2. The Case of Cyber Criminal
  3. PBS Kids
  4. Lego
  5. Band Runner
  6. Privacy Pirates
  7. Ticket to Ride

1. Interland 

Online Games: Interland

Google always excels in building awesome online experiences. Interland is a part of Google’s Be Internet Awesome program, which has great resources to educate children about internet safety. 

This game is based on educating regarding cyberbullying, phishing, data protection, and more. This is thought using a variety of mini-games that are spread out across various floating islands. The educational content of this game is great but the kids are going to love using it. 

2. The Case of Cyber Criminal

Online Games: The Case of Cyber Criminal

This game consists of an interesting quiz where children answer in order to take down a cybercriminal. For each question answered correctly, a player is allowed to remove a dangerous gadget from the criminal’s suitcase. The main aim of the game is to protect against online theft. 

3. PBS Kids

Online Games: PBS


This game revolves around the popular PBS kid’s show. The game is designed to be played either alone or with a parent and has an educational bent as well. 

4. Lego

Online Games: Lego 

The online games that are played using Lego’s unique toys are available on almost any platform. Most of the games are targeted at the older elementary schoolers and tend to be platforming games with the occasional cartoon violence. 

5. Band Runner

Online Games: Brand Runner

It is a fun game in its own right. Children are given characters and must time their jumps correctly so that they can avoid obstacles. If any particular obstacle isn’t cleared, the characters trip and fall. Children must answer a few questions before they can continue. 

6. Privacy Pirates

Privacy Pirates game screenshot image

It is very important for the kids to know how to protect their personal information. Privacy pirates help in preserving online information. The main aim is to put together a map that can lead to some private treasure. If the player is stuck, a guide can help direct them in the right direction. 

7. Ticket to Ride

Ticket To Ride Screenshot image

This is an online game that is ideal for families. It is ideal for the kids as it is much easier to manage online. With no cards to lose or little pieces to go missing, it helps the kids to plan and strategize.     


While these online games provide a warm and safe environment for the kids, it is tough for the parents to keep an eye on them 24*7. This is where a parental control app like Phone Agent 007 can help. It is the best child monitoring app that can be installed on any android phone. Track your child’s phone activity remotely with your android phone and make sure they are safe.