Social Media has become the most influential and vital part of our lives. It has become a source of sharing information, life events, phone numbers, even home addresses. 

“The power of Social Media is it forces necessary change”. 

Teenagers not only use social media regularly but are addicted to it. They share personal data to become more popular on social media without thinking about its repercussions. Parents should use a social media tracking app to keep an eye on their children. 

Do You Know?

Approximately 500 million stories are shared daily. Think about how much information those stories contain. Millions of children share their data online just to get fame.

Parents need to react and find out an effective way from the dangers of cyberbullying, internet predators, internet addiction, etc. 

Why is Social Media a Major Concern for Parents?

Do you agree that social media is addictive? The effect social media has on the minds of children is daunting. Social Media is like a second home for kids, however, the home is free from rules and restrictions. Here children can escape from their responsibilities and speak up or stand out for the things they believe in. Social Media is building their personality and teaching them to be offensive. 

In the greed of becoming famous on Tik Tok and Instagram, kids overshare their personal information and life events with strangers. This behavior makes children vulnerable to predator grooming and Cyber-attacks.   

Another major concern of social media for parents is the content. Although some social media apps offer filtering options and are strict with the kids using these apps, the kids can easily run into objectionable content that app developers fail to restrict. A mobile monitor app would be of great use in such a scenario. 

How Do I Keep My Child Safe on Social Media? | Social Media Safety Tips

As soon as a kid starts using cell phones, they might face dangers of social media. Online predators, cyberbullies, scammers, and explicit content can negatively impact young and unprotected minds.

Parents can prevent their kids from getting into trouble on social media. Here are a few tips and tricks which parents can teach in their day-to-day lives. 

1. Regulate Their Screen Time 

Regulation of screen time is one of the best ways to monitor how much time they spend digitally. There are various apps that come with a “child filter” or timer to encourage a safe browsing environment. If the child has a smartphone or social media apps, teach them to use the account during the restricted time in your presence. You cannot ban your child from using all social media apps. However, set some rules that will make it safer. Encourage the children to have open conversations. Consider pre-approving the platforms they can join and the information they are posting online. You can also install a parental control app to ensure their activities. 

2. Adjust the Built-in Parental Controls

Most of the social media apps have parental control settings embedded in them. Parents can set them up according to their needs. You can find these on Facebook, Instagram, and other popular apps. All you need to do is access the app’s settings and find the desired safety options. If you are unable to do it by yourself, you can take advice or contact the app’s support centre for help. 

3. Explore the Objectionable Apps for Your Kids 

There are millions of applications available on the app store. A lot of free apps are available, while some of them are issued by non-official developers. Although the apps are approved by official organizations, they pose the threat of befriending online predators or running into cyberbullies. 

We suggest you do some research work and segregate the acceptable apps from the ones you want to avoid. 

4. Keep Your Child’s Information Private 

Most of the apps offer the option to set the account to private mode. It means the information can be seen only by the friends or who he/she befriends. It is one of the most important steps to keep their content private from those who may misuse it. As a parent, it is your duty to protect your child from cyberbullying, online predators, etc.

5. Forbid Them from Using Their Personal Information 

Posting personal or sensitive information is never safe. Many popular websites, even the famous ones, are prone to hacking. It generally affects teenagers the most. Ask your children to be careful about the information they post on social media, like their address, the school, or any other private information. As a precaution, you should tell your children to check in with you first before they post anything. 

6. Use a Parental Control App 

Just imagine, you have access to all your child’s phone activities. Do you agree that such a possibility will ease parenting for you? If your answer is yes, a child monitoring app can handle all the hassles for you. 

The parental control apps offer basic monitoring solutions. Usually, they allow you to read your child’s text, WhatsApp messages, monitor their calls, track their live locations, and record their keystrokes on their device. Phone Agent 007 is one of the best parental control apps that gives you complete insight into your child’s online activity. 

How Can You Keep Kids Safe from Social Media with Phone Agent 007?

Social media involves many pitfalls for experienced users that impose threats to the children. This is the main reason parents should be aware of their kid’s online activities. 

It can be tough for parents to keep an eye on their children across the growing social media world. So Phone Agent 007 comes to the rescue. 

Once you install the app on your child’s phone, it starts monitoring which app your kid is using and what they share on those apps. Phone Agent 007 helps the parents detect any possible dangers and prevent their child from any internet trouble.

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