Many companies do not focus on the fact that a better employee experience can drive more revenue. If you want to grow, you have to try to push the experience level of your employees. The poor employee experience management of the employees can impact the productivity, performance, retention rate, and workspace culture. The main question which comes to mind is how to improve employee engagement?

What is Employee Experience?

Employee experience is related to every aspect of the employee’s journey. It is a complete spectrum of an employee’s experiences that are being covered throughout the time spent at a company. 

The employee experience starts as soon as a person starts working for a specific company and puts them on your payroll and ends with the employee leaving the company. 

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Why is Employee Experience Management Challenges?

Human nature varies from person to person. It is very difficult to predict how a certain person will behave in a specified situation. However, the needs of the employees can be predicted to some extent. But it is very difficult to predict their behavior.

When the management is not aware of the employee’s needs or behavior, they cannot provide the perfect experience. The challenge faced by them is to understand the needs and the behavior of the employee. 

When people work under the same roof, it is still convenient to understand the employee’s needs. But in this world of zoom meetings and virtual world, it is very difficult to provide a good employee experience. Due to the work-from-home culture, there are several challenges that are faced.

Tips to Improve Employee Experience Right Now 

There are a lot of problems faced by the employees due to the pandemic situations. But it does not mean that you cannot improve your employee’s experience in such situations. It is not going to be an easy task. But if the tips are followed properly, you can even gain the trust of your employees. 

1. Setup Right Communication Channel 

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In case of a crisis, almost 50% of the employees know how to communicate with the top management officials. But this shows that the rest of them are unaware of how to communicate with the management on an urgent basis. This makes one of the worst employee experience points. 

When the employees don’t find themselves comfortable talking to the high officials, they feel stressed and annoyed. A centralized communication platform needs to be made. 

A centralized communication software needs to be installed that is a perfect way to communicate easily with the management. 

2. Easily Grant Leaves 

Employee working on her laptop

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An employee has two basic needs, one is timely remuneration and the second is leave in case of any emergency. You can give an app to employees from where it is easy for them to apply for leaves. It will be easy for the employees to apply for the leaves with one click. Once the leaves start getting approved online itself, the experience will improve itself. 

3. Better Onboarding Experience 

A better onboarding experience is required so that their overall experience also improves. There are various ways to provide a good onboarding experience, like using employee efficiency and employee monitoring software. You can assign work to your new employees on your dashboards. You can even generate multiple different performance reports, which helps in understanding the growth level of a new employee. 

4. Provide a Personalized Experience

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This generally deals with the emotions of the employees. The efficiency of your employees can be increased by stimulating the emotions of the employees. When the employees start building a bond, it is easy for them to win over the emotions of the employees. It is very difficult to remember the birthdays of every employee. Hence making a database and maintaining it is the best option. This might be a small gesture, but when the company’s owners wish you, a loyal employee is always retained. 

5. Reduce the backpack weight of the employees

A working employee using her laptop

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When the field employee has to work on the site, they have to carry a very large backpack with them. This is more prominent as they have to give sales pitch meetings to the potential client. 

But it is tough to even for the employees to carry so many files and laptops all the time. So, you can enhance their experience by storing all the files, data, and communication tools in one mobile app. 

Bottom Line

A good employee is required to improve productivity. When the employees are happy and satisfied, they will never leave the company. Phone Agent 007 is an employee tracking software that lets you know the details of any employee. I hope this article will help you know how to improve employee engagement.   

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